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Intumescent Coating services

Intumescent Coating Services

Intumescent coating for steel plays a vital role in save and protect the structural integrity of the structure during fire attacks and also it saves many lives. So it’s very important think to lay intumescent coating for both residential and commercial buildings. Though steel may not burn, but high temperature weaken the steel and reduce its structural strength. 

Without Intumescent coating the steel structure loose its load bearing capacity and the temperature reaches up to 550°C leads to serious destruction of the whole structure. We are the leading Intumescent coating service provider in Auckland and we offer our best Intumescent painting services to save our clients properties. We are one of the leading Intumescent coating company in Auckland

How Our Intumescent Coating Company Auckland Work

Intumescent painting covers wood and steel similar to other traditional coatings. Once the structure exposed to maximum temperature from fire attack it expands many times from their normal size. This volume incensement and density decrease slows down the heating process of the substrate and helps in avoiding structural failure of the building. Intumescent coating also helps in reduce the flammability of the timber or masonry also slow down the spread of fire.  Depends upon design and structure Intumescent coating NZ have the ability to protect the structure up to maximum of 120 minutes in a fire. This way Intumescent coating NZ helps in protect our structure against fire attack.

Intumescent coating services provided by our team of experts not only satisfy our clients and also helps to build a sound relationship with our material suppliers. We are one of the leading Intumescent coating company in Auckland. We use our full-fledged knowledge to satisfy our customers with our friendliness help and suppor