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Grit Blasting Services Auckland

Abrasive Blasting Services

Grit blasting is mainly used in various industries for the purpose of cleaning or modifies the surface of components, also it’s used to remove rust, paint to prepare the surface for coatings. With our years of experience and knowledge in that particular field, the Grit blasting service provided by Airoblast meets the maximum satisfaction of our clients. We are the best Grit blasters Auckland and we provide quality Grit blasting services in Auckland.

Our Grit blasting process

During the Grit blasting process our team of skilled labours efficiently remove paints and coatings from a variety of durable materials, Like Metal When Structural Steel is exposed to harsh conditions, paint and other coatings frequently wear out before the materials they cover. Before reapplying a new paint or coating, all old paint must be removed. It is a common process before the surface to be painted. This media is a fine-textured steel grit that cleans similar to sand. We use this media as we reclaim our used media, Through the Grit Recycling System to re-use until it becomes too fine and then it goes into our waste collection drums for disposal. This media would be used on chassis, structural steel, truck and, Heavy Machinery equipment. Our grit blasting process prepares the surface of steel for the proper adhesion of industrial coatings.

As a leading Grit blasting company Auckland, our goal at Airoblast is to deliver the best industrial painting and industrial Coating services throughout Auckland. Our Grit blasting company Auckland Located just Central OF Auckland we offer services as an Industrial Coatings Grit Blast & paint Shop, to clients. Our clients include Structural Steel Engineers, Fabricators & Steel Manufacturers. We are equipped to handle any size industrial Abrasive Blasting and coating service projects. we are the leading Grit blasters Auckland and we provide the best Grit blasting services Auckland to our clients to meet their maximum satisfaction.