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Zinc Metal Spray and Powder Coating Services

Zinc is thermally sprayed using an electric arc process, which allows a variable deposition rate.

In the Arc Spray system, Zinc wire is heated to the point and sprayed with very high voltage electricity or a focused oxyacetylene flame jet. It is then blasted at just under supersonic speed with high-pressure air onto the prepared surface. The hot zinc spray can be applied in different thickness to produce different life spans depending on the environment, but are typically between 50 and 150 microns. Hot zinc spray provides an excellent protective substrate.

The Zinc Metal Sprayed material can be coated with a variety of finishes, with our high-quality zinc spray coating service to our clients throughout Auckland.

Benefits of Hot Zinc Spray Services

  • After applying the hot zinc spray, the weld remains the same without weld lift, it looks completely flat and consistent.
  • There is almost no dross produced during the hot zinc spray process.
  • Low temperature during the zinc metal spray process helps to eliminate thermal distortions of fabrications.
  • Zinc metal sprayed components finished with any kind of paint shows a good aesthetic finish.
  • The zinc metal spray coated material provides superior bond strength for paints compared to shiny galvanized coatings.
  • Thermal sprayed zinc metal coatings are the only coatings recognized by international and European standards.
  • It reduces the health and safety issues with help of razor edges and spikes.

Our team of experts and skilled labourers works really hard to give top-quality zinc metal spray coating services to our clients. We are one of the leading Zinc spray paint services in Auckland, providing outstanding metal coating and powder coating services. Our years of experience and expert knowledge in this field helps to handle any kind of hard situation and provide top class Zinc metal spray coating to clients throughout Auckland and New Zealand.

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